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Recently, I am planning to travel to Morocco and would like to ask for detailed travel guides and tips: What is the best way to travel? Any recommended money-saving tips?
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Recently, I am planning to travel to Morocco and would like to ask for detailed travel guides and tips: What is the best way to travel? Any recommended money-saving tips?
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Morocco is a wonderful place! Strongly recommend!

I just returned from traveling to Morocco in October and would like to share my personal experience. If you can spare 5 minutes to read this article patiently, I am sure it will definitely help you with the traveling to Morocco!

I also went to Morocco with my parents and completed trip to Morocco, which I planned for a long time.

Our family took Royal Air Maroc from London to Casablanca. The air tickets were very cheap and the flight time was about 3 hours.

Morocco's largest international airport is in Casablanca, which is not the capital Rabat. Of course, if there are suitable flights, you can also choose to fly directly to Rabat or Marrakech.

1. The best way to travel to Morocco: independent travel

Nowadays, more and more people are traveling to Morocco for independent travel, which is also the current mainstream travel method.

Considering my parents' health, it is not suitable for traveling in a rush tour group, so our family chose to charter a car to travel independently. After comparing the cost of group tours, there was not a big difference in price. We decisively chose to charter a car to facilitate our travel. .

Chartered car travel is flexible and there are no restrictions. You can better integrate into local life, understand the local culture in an all-round way, and experience exotic customs in depth. This kind of trip is the trip we want, so we recommend that everyone go to Morocco. Choose to travel independently.

Some reminders for avoiding hooks:

1). There are many people soliciting customers outside the airport, so be careful of being deceived.

2). Even some hotel receptionists are also soliciting customers, so be careful of being deceived.

A friend traveled to Morocco and encountered a solicitor on the way. The price quoted was very low and the service promised was also very good. However, the next day the tour group was deceived. I advise everyone to find a local travel company and tour guide with a good reputation to make arrangements, which is much safer.

When the plane arrived in Casablanca, the chartered car arranged by local tour guide Yvonne was already waiting at the airport, and we happily started our Moroccan vacation mode.

 2. About Morocco tourist visa:

Morocco provides visa-free or visa-on-arrival services to most countries, so there are no obstacles in applying for a visa

3. Tips on saving money when traveling to Morocco:

If you want to save money when traveling, you should find a local travel company or local guide. Only in this way can you save money in a real sense. I asked a local travel company in London for a price, and the price I got was better than what I found in Morocco. The price offered by London company was much higher, even doubled the price.

The reference travel routes provided by London locals have no special features, and the schedule is fixed. You have to travel at their designated time, but my vacation time does not allow it.

Later I learned that no matter where you sign up for a group tour, travel agencies in other countries will eventually hand over the arrangements to a local Moroccan travel company. Therefore, if you want to save money, you should avoid the middleman and find a local Moroccan company, which is more direct and communicates one-to-one. It is much more convenient, the route design is more flexible, and Morocco is suitable for independent travel.

Later, on the recommendation of a friend, I found Yvonne a local Moroccan guide with a good online reputation, and entrusted her to arrange our trip to Morocco.

The vacation was quite satisfactory: the accommodation was comfortable throughout, the travel arrangements were reasonably designed and relatively relaxed, and it also gave us a lot of free time, giving us enough time to do some sightseeing.

When traveling to Morocco, it is recommended to find a local tour guide to accompany you. This will be super worry-free and you can experience more travel fun.


4. Reasons why you should go to Morocco and fall in love with it:

Morocco is a country with rich colors, known as the Garden of North Africa. Each major city here is like a colorful Rubik's Cube. Each city has its own iconic color: white Casablanca, red Marrakech, and yellow Fes. The fusion of Sri Lanka and the blue of Chefchaouen has made Morocco a holy land for filming. It is known as the Hollywood of North Africa. Many famous movies have been filmed here, such as "Mission: Impossible 5", "The Spy of North Africa" and "Game of Thrones" Wait for the footprints left by classic masterpieces here.

She is not Europe but is similar to Europe; she is in Africa but not like Africa

It is an Arab country and is different from other Arab countries

Her geographical location is unique. If I stand in Gibraltar, I will have the Atlantic Ocean to my left and the Mediterranean to my right.

Here, half is sea water, half is desert; half is ancient, half is mysterious

Here, the wonderful "One Thousand and One Nights" was born.

Here is filled with the beautiful love story of a very famous Chinese writer-Sanmao and her husband.

Sanmao once said: Every time I think of you, a grain of sand falls from the sky, and the Sahara is formed.

It would be a shame not to go to such an exciting country!
5. Designed and recommended Morocco travel routes:

I define tourism in Morocco as experiential and enjoyable experience. The distribution of its attractions is suitable for taking a circular route, and there is no round trip throughout the journey. This is also its highlight.

The entire journey is suitable for traveling by comfortable commercial vehicle, and the ideal travel time is 12 days.

Yvonne arranged a 10-day panoramic tour of Morocco for us: Casablanca + Marrakech + Ouarzazate + Merzouga + Sahara Desert + fes + Chefchaouen + Tangier + Rabat

Itinerary of 10 day Panoramic Tour (Four Imperial cities + Desert + Chefchaouen+ Northern costal cities)

Day 1: Arrive in Casablanca

Day 2: Casablanca -- Marrakech (approx 3hrs)

Day 3: Marrakech -- Aït Benhaddou (approx 3.5 hrs) -- Ouarzazate (approx 40 mins)

Day 4: Ouarzazate -- Merzouga (approx 5.5hrs)

Day 5: Merzouga -- Fes (approx 7 hrs)

Day 6 Fes -- Meknes (approx 1 hr) -- Chefchaouen(approx 4 hrs)

Day 7: Chefchaouen -- Tetouan (approx 1.5 hrs) -- Tangier (approx 1 hr)

Day 8: Tangier -- Asilah (approx 1 hr) -- Rabat (approx 2 hrs)

Day 9: Rabat -- Casablanca (approx 1hr)

Day 10: Casablanca -- Airport Drop off


6. Impressions of Moroccan popular attractions and cities

(1)The White City—Casablanca

The famous Casablanca is not only the name of a long-lasting song, but also a popular movie. Casablanca means "white house" in Spanish. This name expresses its characteristics, a mainly white house. Halal city.

Recommended attractions: Hassan II Mosque, Old Medina, Rick’s Cafe, Mohammed V Square, etc.


(2)Sex and the City—The Red City of Marrakech
Marrakech is at the southern tip of Morocco. The exterior walls of this ancient city are all red clay. Therefore, "The Red City is another name for Marrakech, and in Arabic, the original meaning of "Marrakech" is "red".


(3)City of Movies—Ouarzazate

It is known as African Hollywood. Many famous movies were shot here. Let’s review the classics such as “Casablanca”, “Game of Thrones”, “Cleopatra”, “The Mummy”, “Gladiator”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, etc.

(4)Gate of the Desert—Merzouga, the tenderness of the Sahara, the golden memory of love

The Sahara that Sanmao never forgets is in Merzouga, which is famous for its rose gold sand. The most convenient way to get to Merzouga is from Ouarzazate, which takes about five and a half hours. It is recommended to spend two days in Sahara. It is recommended to experience the fun of desert tourism in depth, which is a rare opportunity.

When you come to the Sahara Desert, you must experience the desert tent hotel. After night falls, it is the most dazzling moment of the day in the Sahara. Sitting on the sand dunes, watching the sky full of countless stars lighting up the Milky Way, the entire desert is lit up by the stars and emitting a faint light, it is like traveling through a thousand years. In the fairy tale of One Thousand and One Nights.


(5)Fes—yellow time tunnel, thousand-year-old city

The Blue Gate of Fes is the main entrance connecting the Old City and the New City and is one of the symbols of Fes.

Recommended attractions: Fes Old Town, Shuara Leather Factory, Bouzilul Blue Gate, Fes Palace, Quran School, etc.

(6)Blue and white town—Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen has now become a must-visit place for Internet celebrities to take pictures when visiting Morocco. Chefchaouen actually hides many alleys with less crowds and beautiful scenery. It is recommended that you walk around more, and you may encounter surprises around the corner.


(7)Tangier—port city, colorful Horn of North Africa

Colorfulness is the keynote of Tangier, and leisure and romance are the mood of Tangier. The beautiful castles and flying seagulls are all intoxicating. With the Atlantic Ocean on your left and the Mediterranean Sea on your right, find a place here to sit quietly and wait for the most beautiful sunset at the moment when the sun sets in the west.

(8)Capital Center—Rabat

Recommended attractions: Rabat Palace, Tomb of Mohammed V, Oudaya Castle

There are many interesting places that I won’t list one by one. You can leave comments and discuss them together.

During this trip to Morocco, I must thank Yvonne, a local travel service provider, who provided us with great help and attentive and enthusiastic service, which made the whole trip unnecessary and ensured that our vacation ended successfully.

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Could you please give me the contact information of the local guide Yvonne We also plan to visit Morocco recently

UK -- Louis回复

Yvonne’s Email:    Or you can also find her in WhatsApp  : 00447520240299


Added, which is much more convenient than searching for travel guide online. Thank you for sharing.


When I went to Morocco before, I looked for the guide Yvonne, who provided high-end customized tours and didn’t cost much.

I was left with a very good impression during the consultation. After arriving in Morocco, the person in charge will give instructions on every detail. When traveling abroad, it is really worry-free to have a local tour guide to take care of you. A trip can make you feel a lot. A different experience.

Uk -Tracy

Thank you for your useful recommendation. I joined Yvonne’s group and has already returned home. The quality is excellent and the service is in place!


I am very grateful to Yvonne for providing high-quality services to our whole family. It is a rare opportunity to accompany my family and children on a trip. Morocco is really worth a visit.

We adopted Yvonne’s suggestion: small car groups can travel freely, and each family can travel alone in one car, which provides great privacy and is very safe.

The honeymoon trip ended successfully. I decided to go to Morocco as a Buddhist. Looking back, it was full of surprises. I used to think that the land of Africa was barren and barren, but when I actually arrived in Morocco, my perception was completely overturned. Everywhere I looked I saw mountains full of palm trees, red land and green cacti. The blue and white town, the charming Sahara, the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, every hotel and restaurant you stay in brings unexpected surprises. From being cautious at the beginning to completely releasing yourself in the last few days, maybe this is travel The meaning of it is to forget about work and worries during the long journey. It is very unforgettable that night, I cuddled up with my lover and sat on the quiet sand dunes to watch the night sky under the stars of the Sahara. It is an unforgettable memory in my life!

I was very lucky to choose Morocco, and also very lucky to meet Yvonne. I am very grateful to her for the excellent service he provided us, which made us happy and an unforgettable trip.


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Could you share more travel tips about Morocco? I plan to go on vacation in November.


For a detailed Morocco travel guide, I suggest you contact the guide Yvonne. I also asked her to arrange it. After all, they are professional and can give you detailed travel plans and quotes, which is more straightforward.

Yvonne’s Email:
You can add her WhatsApp :  00447520240299    as well.

France-- Alan

The trip to Morocco overturned my impression of North Africa. Listening to the poignant love story of Casablanca, traveling through the ninth-century ancient city of Fes, visiting the Hassan II Mosque and the Blue Chefchaouen, it felt like I was traveling through the real world. When traveling to the Arab world, it is recommended that Morocco be the first choice for honeymoon travel, girlfriends travel, and family travel, and experience the petty bourgeoisie of Morocco.

When you really walk on the streets of Morocco, you will find that there are many tall girls with sharp curves and sexy charms all over the streets. You will doubt that you are not in Africa, but in the Middle East or Europe. Because of their mixed race, the girls here are chic and sexy, with flirtatious looks. Although they believe in Islam, their sweet Moroccan smiles make people feel very comfortable, and the people are warm, cheerful and friendly.

UK-- Adrian

The team leader this time, Yvonne, loves her career, is familiar with the customs and customs of Morocco, has a strong sense of responsibility in her work, and cares about her group members.

Although my trip to Morocco has come to a successful end, I still look forward to going there again.

Morocco is a colorful and passionate country. Every city has a strong visual impact and has produced hundreds of movies. Marrakech is red, Chefchaouen is the dreamy blue lanes; the Sahara Desert is the endless sand dunes and desert starry sky; the terracotta movie city, the graffiti town Asilah, the white city Casablanca... ..

How can I not miss the beautiful Morocco and its rich exotic customs?

I went with my parents and grandpa on a free tour with Yvonne. Considering my grandpa's health, she did not dare to fill the itinerary too full or rush too much, so the group itinerary we signed up for this time was slower and the whole journey was relatively relaxed.

The route design is very reasonable. Grandpa did not feel tired at all. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to travel. The food and accommodation are very good.

It is really down-to-earth to find a local person in charge in Morocco to design a route for you.

Yvonne’s WhatsApp  00447520240299
Or if you prefer, you can also send her email via:

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UK- Vicky

I just sent Yvonne an email and got reply. We are about to start our trip to Morocco. Hahaa

Australia --Mark

I grew up by the sea, so I didn’t choose to go to Morocco’s seaside cities this time, but went directly to the representative internet celebrity check-in destinations:

My Itinerary  (Four Imperial cities + Sahara Desert)

Day 1: Arrive in Casablanca

Day 2: Casablanca -- Marrakech (approx 3hrs)

Day 3: Marrakech -- Aït Benhaddou (approx 3.5 hrs) -- Ouarzazate (approx 40 mins)

Day 4: Ouarzazate -- Merzouga (approx 5.5hrs)

Day 5: Merzouga -- Fes (approx 7 hrs)

Day 6 Fes -- Meknes(approx 1 hr) -- Rabt (approx 2 hrs)

Day 7: Rabt -- Casablanca (approx 1hr)

Day 8: Casablanca -- Airport drop off

USA- Bradley

This time we took a trip to Morocco and were lucky enough to meet Yvonne.

We were a old couple to travel. During the entire trip,she took the initiative to care about us every day and asked if we needed help. They took great care of us senior tourists and made us feel warm in a foreign land. She’s not only like a friend but also like a family member to us.

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